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Omira maintains its position at the forefront of design and media with its continued commitment to research and education. Every project is a collaboration of some of the best minds in the country striving to provide an innovative solution. Whilst reaching for the stars every production enjoys a tried and proven development process and regimented testing procedure to ensure user acceptance. Our results-centric approach is driven by ADDIS™, a five-part full lifecycle process designed to provide clients with the most effective solution possible. Our mission is to cultivate client partnerships that combine Omira's technology and cross-industry expertise with clients' keen understanding of their own business models to create customized solutions with impact.

n. pl. a•nal•y•ze - The tracing of things to their source, and the resolving of knowledge into its original principles.

Knowledge is the foundation of Omira Group’s initial Analysis phase. Our goal here is to develop a clear vision of your needs, form a plan to meet those needs and establish a project schedule with specific milestones and checkpoints. We gain a solid understanding of your business through exhaustive information gathering, research and analysis. We then use that knowledge to define the key project initiatives and identify accurate and measurable returns on investment. Having the right knowledge is critical to the success of any initiative.

We gather pertinent information regarding the project which ultimately, creates solutions that are more likely to be on target. Research provides a powerful tool for understanding what customers say they want by understanding the things they need and cannot express (implicit knowledge). Recognizing that the possibilities can be endless, we work closely with you to identify and prioritize those solutions that best support your business needs and corporate goals. Using in-house strategies, we meld creativity with strategy using proven methods for reaching, teaching and engaging your target audience.

v. de•sign - To conceive or fashion in the mind.

This is where the magic happens. With a solid understanding of the project objectives, goals and requirements, we begin to develop design directions and work on prototypes, which become more complete over time. In this phase we develop a look and feel for the end-product; refine the user-interface based on client input; define data elements and design the database structure. We design uniquely visual, in some cases, audible expressions according to the desired message.

By separating form from function in this phase, we free ourselves to create unique designs that are smart and dynamic. Our design efforts are separated into graphics, data modeling and information architecture, which share many common elements. We focus on your audience's use patterns and particular needs not only to attract their interest, but also to initiate response and ultimately, get them hooked. The result? Positive online and off-line experiences for your customers and measurable results for your company.

v. de•vel•op - To bring into existence or grow.

The Development phase brings together flawless tactical implementation of the Analysis phase findings combined with the Design phase creative work. The objective of this phase is to ensure business accuracy, feasibility and a sound foundation. This phase is where your strategic vision becomes a reality. We use the best tools available, combining talent from across the technology and marketing industries with the requisite expertise and talent to ensure success and solid solutions built around your needs.

By taking advantage of the latest advances in architecture and modeling we are able to maximize your investment in the solutions that best serve your business. As in all phases, an iterative approach with the client is maximized to ensure success. Even the best solutions are only as strong as their execution, which is the focus of the Development phase.

n. im•ple•ment - To put into use or execute.

During the final phases, all activities revolve around ensuring success, yours and ours. We work fast, launching the solution with minimal interruption to your business and ensuring the new solution provides immediate benefit to your company and your customers.

We educate you as to the site's marketing opportunities for achievable revenue and practical maintenance and release your marketing and technology solution as a distinguishable, tangible, creative effort. Performance measures are identified and developed to quantitatively track success. We also use proven metrics to evaluate the success of the solution and assess your return on investment.

tr.v. sup•port – To hold in position; To provide for or maintain.

Our relationship does not end once a project is delivered, it actually just begins. The support phase occurs after the system has been implemented, and continues for the life of the system. This phase includes continuously monitoring, maintaining, and modifying the system to ensure the system performs as expected, and continues to meet the user's dynamic needs.

In our experience, many new ideas occur once clients become familiar with their new system and its flexibility. Continuous evaluation helps identify and prevent potential problems, pinpoint where maintenance costs can be minimized, and determines when modification or replacement activities should begin on the system to ensure that it continues to be the optimal solution.